Welcome to London, the city of the fashion, the dreams and city of the niggas... I hope you travelled very well and don't very tired to journey aaand i hope you have your renal and all insides yet.
Only to think of you. I can't learn and so i do that i like: write and compose my blog. You know I miss you so i create the article just for you (and for all person, who interest).


I found some information for Supra, but nothing... so i improve...
The Supra Footwear collection is very cool and trendy. I think those shoes are very colorful and sleazy. I like it. Supra is the brand of skateboarders - they say, but someday i would see you on those nice shoes.
Supra is not Manolo that's fact, but other fact Supra is more comfortable than Manolo.

The most of shoes are unisex, but...


Supragreco high fishnet: Great pattern. Those to tone all clothes. It hits my fancy!

Supra blu: Glorious composition. The fume is good idea. The color of shoes is very breezy.

Supra grey patert: It's nice. I would wear those varnish shoes.

Supra skytop tie day: Those are absofuckinglutly:) don't your style, but the shoes are correct.

Supra Stubbs Special Edition: One of my favorite. A brown leather shoes for hard wear.


Supra fushcia-gold stlye: of two different sorts.

Supra tk society: Nice! Good color. The pink is a sexy, girly color.

Supra Palms Hotel shoes: My favorite. (In fact i like all of shoes.) Those are simple white shoes but the caption: PALMS is super.

(I know there are many mistake in this text. Sorry to my horrible english...it's a little bit rude)

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